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 Amish Rules
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Mouse over to see game options.Game Length: 10000The number of points players must reach to win.
Initial Barrier: NoDo players have to meld 1000 points to begin playing.
Zilch Rules: NoAre players at risk of losing all of their points after 3 consecutive busts.
Amish Rules: NoCan players take over the roll of another player.
Wild Die: NoIs a wild die being used.
Crazy Dice: NoDo some die faces confer special bonus points when used in scoring.
Fullhouses: YesAre full houses (4 of a kind and 2 of a kind) scored.
Short Straights: YesAre short straights (5 dice in order) scored.
Turn Timeout: 180The amount of seconds of inactivity before turn is skipped.
Hinting: NoDoes this game offer hinting.
Buy-In Required: 0The amount of silver players must contribute to the game pot to play.
last won on Thu, Jul 11, 2019
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